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The chances to find a building without air ducts are rather slim. Not only that they never miss a building, but the air ducts condition affects many components of any facility. If you live in Torrance, CA, or surrounding areas, you should contact Air Duct Inspection Torrance for detailed air duct inspection services.

Once our technicians have completed their job, they will offer a report comprising all the information about possible cleaning procedures. When the air ducts are clean, they will improve your HVAC’s performance and enhance energy efficiency.

You only need to hire us once to be impressed with our work; always hiring us for cleaning services will come next.

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Our Air Duct Inspection Service Techniques

First-Class Service from the Experts

Loose bacteria, dust, and dirt will travel through the air ducts and get inside your commercial/residential space. The team at Air Duct Inspection Torrance will develop a detailed examination of the air ducts, discovering where dirt or dust has collected the most. Later on, they will also develop the cleaning protocol.

It’s essential to eliminate bacteria as it can travel in your indoor living space, altering the indoor air quality and affecting your health. It's the essential cleaning effect, so don’t hesitate to hire Air Duct Inspection Torrance for the most detailed air duct inspection in Torrance, CA.

Mold, mildew, and various growth forms will also grow in air ducts. They pose a threat to people’s well-being and health. Throughout the air duct inspection, our technicians will also identify the areas where cleaning is mandatory. The air duct inspection services that Air Duct Inspection Torrance performs are excellent, and our team will remove bacteria before the problem is too severe.


Our Air Duct Inspection Process and Equipment

Air duct inspection could reveal that you may still wait for the air duct cleaning. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have our professionals for air duct inspection services at least once a year. Clean ductwork will enhance your HVAC system operation and the indoor air quality as well. The professionals at Air Duct Inspection Torrance never doubt when cleaning is necessary. If they also perform the cleaning, they will remove all pet hair, mold, dust, debris, or small items that could be blocking the vents and altering the indoor air quality.

The equipment

Our experts will put to good use the many years of training, high skills, and tools for adjusting the air duct inspection protocol to every application. They will rely on the tools that work best with your facility, no matter if it’s commercial or residential. Screwdrivers, flashlights, and flash cameras are used in all jobs, but our experts could consider adding more specific application tools.

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The process

Our team at Air Duct Inspection Torrance will come to your commercial/industrial facility and apply specific steps for the detailed air duct inspection.  If need be, they will modify the process for best results:

Step 1- run and examine the HVAC system

The experts at Air Duct Inspection Torrance will carefully observe the air vents and registers while your heating/cooling system is operating. Should they see any debris or dust coming out of the vents, they will inform you about the immediate necessity of cleaning. Something could block the duct system deeply down, forcing the HVAC system to work harder. When this happens, the indoor air quality always decreases.

Step 2- check the vent registers

With our team always focusing on performing the most detailed air vent duct inspection, it’s understandable why they will also inspect every part of your HVAC system. Flash cameras and screwdrivers will allow them to thoroughly inspect the vent registers (commonly places on the floor or across the wall’s lower zones). If need be, our technicians will also unscrew the vent grill for detailed inspection.

The experts will utilize a flash camera for thorough analysis. They are highly skilled, so they know what to look for. The pictures they take at this phase will be the best evidence to show you the differences once cleaning is performed.

Step 3- look for common issues

Mold and rodent droppings are highly common in air vent ducts. If our technicians notice rodent droppings or mold, they will give you input. You will need to hire a professional exterminator to solve the pest infestation.

Should the team find dirt or debris, they will recommend professional cleaning as the best solution. The team may also establish which methods, supplies, or procedures they should use for your application. It’s what makes Air Duct Inspection Torrance set apart from its competitors in Torrance, CA.

Step 4- provide a written report

Our team won’t leave your house/commercial facility until handing you a written report with all details about their discovering. Should they suggest air duct cleaning, hiring Air Duct Inspection Torrance for the process is the best decision to make?

Our experts have the equipment and skills also to perform air ducts sealing. 20-30% of conditioned air will come out of the leaking air ducts, affecting comfort inside the house. Contact Air Duct Inspection Torrance for sealing air ducts. The procedure will sustain a better performance from your HVAC system and decrease the amount of dust and dirt coming into your facility.

Contacting and hiring the Air Duct Inspection Torrance team for air duct inspection is a perfect thing to do, especially if you have a commercial facility. We perform air duct inspection at the highest level in Torrance, CA,  and surrounding regions. Contact us for further details.

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